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Novedades para la Herejía de Horus

     Sacado de Heresy On-Line:

Abaddon Model is almost complete just a couple of tweets. Then Garviel Loken is next, these hopefully in the next month or so. Next Primarch is Fulgrim, hoping to have this out in time for Christmas.

Heavy weapon squad upgrades for Autocannons and Heavy Bolters. Death Guard and World Eaters Relic Contemptor Dreadnoughts, all Contemptor dreadnought arms compatible on these.

Book 2 will be called Massacre. Worse case is that the book will be ready this time next year, however when in Q & A session, Alan Bligh said that he is starting on the final draft next week.

This will be focusing on Isstvan V with another 4 Legions, Iron Hands, Salamanders, Night Lords and Word Bearers. The other legions that were on Isstvan V will be covered in another book.

Q & A session (things that I can remember)

Prospero and Calth battles made be placed in a book together.

Warmaster Horus will be at least 2 models, first one will be as he is turning against the Emperor, the second one little mention, however something along the lines when approaching Terra.

Discussion on the missing 2 Legions. This brought the room to a complete hush. ”the records of these two legions have been deleted from the Imperial logs, however if I told you I would have to kill you. If I told you I would of told the room and then I would have to kill the room, which is not a good thing either, so please stay behind so we can discuss this question then I will kill you but least you know about something before you die.” So that was that on the subject with smiles taking place between the presenter and Alan Bligh.

Is there going to be another alien races involved as per the Black Library books? No is the answer to that as it is more up to BL to make the stories and build the picture.

Any model design for the Emperor? There is no current working on the Emperor, however as we get closer to the siege of Terra then things are most possible.

Any plans for Characters like Garro? There is something in the pipeline as these characters have a small impact on the outcome of the Heresy.

Finally as said they there is only so many projects that they can work on at once.

That is all I can remember, information and excitement overload.

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  2. Nop, es lo que he sacado de la pagina de Heresy on Line XD


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